Hayat Informatics Holding
Who We Are

Who We Are

Hayat Informatics was founded in 2010, eight years after the establishment of the first company in the group. Being a true visionary is part of the group’s DNA. The story of Hayat began with virtualization technologies, which formed the core of our vast skill set and expanded in many directions from there.

Our group companies have successfully delivered over 500 projects on the international stage, serving global corporations and regional governments. We have trained thousands of engineers and shared our knowledge with clients and partners.

The group has a track record of pioneering projects in Turkey and around the world, particularly in vertical industries. Being a true visionary requires deep knowledge that enables accurate predictions about the future. Our customers and partners have always benefited from this advantage, as it is natural part of the process.

AI will play a significant role in shaping the future of technology, impacting almost every industry. The group has been at the forefront of this realm since 2007, even when there were only a few players on the world stage. Today, our group has a clear strategy to automate knowledge work that requires deep technical expertise, employing AI/ML techniques ranging from massive HPC scale to tiny microcontrollers.

Leveraging automation technologies supported by AI capabilities is not prioritized to replace manpower, but rather to improve quality and standardization.

Our group focuses on serving public institutions of all scales, energy-related industries, manufacturing technologies, communications, cloud services, and nation-wide cybersecurity. We aim to contribute to a safer and better world to live in.

Mustafa Kayer

Executive Chairman