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ALi Electronic Systems

ALi Electronic Systems

The business plan for ALi was initiated in 2011, primarily focusing on high-end enterprise systems. The execution of the plan took time, but it aligned perfectly with an opportunity to design and build a supercomputer for Türkiye. In 2016, ALi was established and contracted to design, develop, and manufacture HPC nodes based on Power Processor architecture.

The first prototype was based on the OpenPower design, incorporating Power8-Nvlink processors. It was also the first of its kind to operate within liquid tanks, showcasing ALi’s innovative approach.

Through this project, ALi gained invaluable experience and expertise, enabling the development of critical energy systems for HPC infrastructure, wireless telecommunications, and multi-petabyte scale storage systems.

Currently, ALi is actively engaged in the development of Risc-V architecture, building upon the legacy of OpenPower and OpenBMC. The next generation of supercomputer nodes designed by ALi will be based on Risc-V Computers.